UKGE17 – Day 3: The Final Day

I had a decision this morning check out of my hotel and be on my way to the expo by 8:50 the latest or stay trapped in the hotel until 1:15pm! The second option also came with a free bacon sarnie at 11am. A tempting sweetener to stay put. I had been faced with this choice because the local roads were going to be closed after 8:50 for a fun run that was being held.

I didn’t fancy sitting around for the morning. So I made a flask of coffee, packed the brioche, loaded up and was off to the expo by 7:45! Just after 8am I was sitting in front of the lake at the expo drinking my coffee and having the brioche. 

Sadly no new promo on the FFG stand for Destiny.

The morning at the expo was spent just browsing. I was sitting on the fence over Statecraft, Friday and Lanterns. But resisted.

I did share with the guys behind the new Fallout miniatures game my opinion about having to cut stuff off sprues and gluing it together. As in I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. Nor would my students who would be the target audience. I’ll have to write a rant about this sometime. 

Midday was about right to head off home after two whole days there already. 

The mornings haul:

Not shown some Star Wars:Destiny boosters.

Games Played:

  • Star Wars: Destiny
  • Xi 

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