UKGE17 Day 0 – Arrival

This morning I kicked off my UKGE with seeing Wonder Woman at the cinema. Wow Gal Gadot is not only stunning but a really great Wonder Woman. Her little spell in BvS didn’t do her justice. This movie is really well done. I’d say it’s the best DC Cinematic Universe movie so far (if we are not including the Nolan movies in this). It doesn’t try and tell half a dozen different stories, it’s fairly focused. Naturally after fighting a god, you do ask yourself why didn’t she wipe the floor with Doomsday in BvS? Disappointingly there is no end credit sequence. So you have been warned no need to sit through the credits hoping there is.

After Wonder Woman it was a fleeting visit to Tesco to get a cheese slicer, and some more cheese. This was very important. I made the decision I’m having cheese salad sandwiches during the day at the expo. And just chilling out in the evening with cheese and biscuits back at my room.

I finally left for Birmingham around three, and got to my hotel at five.

My room is a single. Certainly not the largest. But wow, location wise! The Stables is a working deer farm. Didn’t see any real deer on way in but I did see a couple of alpacas and a llama. I love these. Naturally I blame Jeff Minter and Llamasoft for this. 

As you can see I can sit outside my room in this weather and enjoy the evening while I enjoy my cheeses with a nice chutney (sadly not home made this time). The room has a small fridge in it. Plus a microwave, toaster, and crocks.

I did bring my Aeropress and a Pact Coffee. My order arrived in perfect time, i.e. this morning. 

As you can see with this coffee it’s meant to have hints of Strawberries and Cream! I’m looking forward to trying this one. 

The photo of the room shows I have a nice selection of cereals and brioche (even toast if I want it, although I did bring a loaf to make sarnies with). Plus the fridge has two little juice cartons, a yogurt, small milk, butter and jams. I’m impressed. 

Right I’m going to just enjoy this thing called a bed (first one I’ve slept on since I visited Nath last year!) and then organise the pick up of the games I sold at the expo.

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