Tomorrows Plans

Tomorrow night my friend Luke is coming round to learn Star Realms and to play a game or two. I've said previously that I find the physical card game has a different feel to it.

After I got the four packs that made up the Crisis expansion I instantly shuffled all four packs into the base set. But since then I haven't had chance to play the physical game with the expansion. I've also added to the play deck the cards that made up the two organised play kits that came out last year.

But as the photo above shows I now have the elusive Gambit expansion also. Since the Gambit expansion hit the app version of the game the Merc Cruiser has become one of my favourite cards. So I'm chuffed to be adding it to the play deck.

For the games with Luke tomorrow I've removed the Heroes and Events Crisis expansions from the deck, and will not bother using the Gambit cards. I think it makes little difference having extra ships and bases in the deck, they don't change the game play, and add more variety. But throwing in the extra game play elements of Gambit cards, Heroes and Events I think would be too overwhelming.

I've also now got an official playmat which looks dam awesome. It's just a dam shame getting them and the Gambit expansion is nigh on impossible in the UK at the moment. Distribution and getting product out to stores is something White Wizard Games needs to work on big time. I know they are a small company it really hurts them customers not being able to buy their stuff.

I just need the storage box to arrive now, oh from Germany. Another product hard to get. People try the game and love it, but they need product available for people to buy. White Wizard seem to have solved the availability of the base game and Crisis. But come on get this stuff out to the rest of us. Wizkids are just as bad. The delays between the U.S. being able to buy official dice bags and playmats and the UK getting them was ridiculous.

I'm really looking forward to playing tomorrow night. I enjoy playing this game, and chances to play with the cards are rare. So being able to share the game, shuffle cards is exciting. I'm hoping Luke will enjoy playing.


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