This is going to be Epic

I wonder what's in side this box?

Oh yes finally Epic the card game from White Wizard has arrived. Another little love letter to myself from past me via Kickstarter.

Yep you counted them correctly I got four copies of the game. I only needed three copies! Having three copies of the game allows me to play all the different formats of the game. The fourth copy is important because that is being used for a trade to get a board to use with Ghost Stories.

I also got the two available Kickstarter playmats that were available.

Don't they look amazing?

And the nice thing these have arrived in time for my visit to see Nath at the weekend. So guess what I'm taking with me?

Plus the final bit of Nath's birthday present arrived too. I think this storage box with the promos and card sleeves is great value. Sadly I wasn't able to get a play mat for him as part of the present. But he has the base game, Gambit expansion, all four Crisis packs to sleeve and store in here also as his birthday present. Plus I pre-ordered the Colony Wars expansion and new Gambits pack too, so when they get sent out I'll forward them to him if it's not close to a visit.

Oh why have I got another copy of Sushi Go! I gave my copy away yesterday for my mums cousin to give to his eight year old grandson to play.


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