The Week Before Christmas Arrivals

Ever since seeing Kingdom Builder played with rule fubars (who hasn't made mistakes when playing a game?) that sparked some interesting finger pointing on Tabletop, I thought that looks like an interesting game. I'd like to play that sometime.

So when the opportunity to get the game second hand popped up on that Facebook selling page at a nice little saving, I thought it was worth a punt. Said punt arrived at the start of the week.

So my addiction continues, I found a cheap way to build up my collection of Magic cards. This deck builder kit got me 185 cards and 100 lands for £12! Considering a tenner normally gets you four booster packs of fifteen cards each, that's a pretty good investment in my book. But I'm sure a more seasoned Magic player will point out the floors in my logic here.

Still in the postal system somewhere…

  • Neuroshima Hex promo army
  • Star Realms Colony Wars and the new Gambits expansion
  • My misplaced Tiny Epic Galaxies card sleeves


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