The wallet is going to hurt next week

New Dead of Winter Promo

Plaid Hat Games have just released an exclusive promo character Roberta Plum to their site.

Hopefully you will see some embedded video below.

Look who's coming home for the holidays…

Posted by Plaid Hat Games on Friday, 23 October 2015

You can purchase Roberta Plum Here for a bargain $5.95 plus shipping (which to the UK is just over $6)

Now I just need to arrange a game session with the Fenland Gamers.

Next week

  • The reprint of Fury of Dracula from Fantasy Flight Games hits the shelves of your FLGS with a rrp of £49.99. Which is a damn sight cheaper than the game has been going while it has been out of print.
  • The two player game 7 Wonders Duel also hits the stores at a bargain £19.99.
  • Coup Rebellion G54 (rrp £24.99) and One Night Rebellion (rrp 19.99) also add to the pressure on your wallet next week.
  • The submarine hunt/evade game designed by a British Navel Officer (if I remember this correctly) They Come Unseen sinks your battleship at £39.99.
  • Finally for this rather strong batch of releases Survive Space Attack! Joins them also at £39.99.
  • Update: forgot to add Game of Thrones Risk. Not sure of the rrp iirc its around £40.

Apart from the two I already have the others are all on my wish list.


3 thoughts on “The wallet is going to hurt next week

  1. They Come Unseen was selling at £20 on Amazon about 2 weeks ago. There is currently stock in the Amazon marketplace at £25 if anyone is interested in the game (Amazon current price is around £27).

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