The Pillbug arrives

I've often seen Hive mentioned in the same breathe as Chess. I can't remember the exact context, but I would imagine it's because they are both abstract tactical games.

Within this context an expansion for Hive can be compared to getting an expansion for Chess. Expansions in Hive add new pieces to the game that have new ways of moving, and/or abilities that add to the tactical complexity of the game. Just imagine adding a new piece to Chess. It's a bit like that.

I know that the Pocket addition of the game comes with two expansions straight out of the box, the ladybug and mosquito.

So know that I am the proud owner of Hive Pocket in my wonderings around the interweb I stumbled across the fact that there was now a new(ish) expansion for the game called The Pillbug.

If I had the standard version of Hive and the 360 version this expansion for Hive would be amazing value for me. Sadly I only have the pocket version (unplayed at the moment, but I do carry it around with me on the remote chance I might get an opportunity to play it) so not as much value for me personally.

But hats off to the publisher for putting such a great value expansion together.

Having now seen the size of the standard edition pieces I'm really glad I have the pocket edition. I like the size of the pieces so much better.

Finally for this post thought I would end with another Loki picture from this morning of him looking super cute and all innocent.


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