The gaming sprawl grows 9Apr2016

The collection expanded by one Kickstarter project arriving this previous week with Kodama.

It has this awesome looking little Kodama Meeple. The art work is pretty cool. However I have one card miss cut that I need to contact them about. Luckily it's one of the cards to use with kids, so won't affect my playing of it. But still needs replacing.
The player mats for Tiny Epic Kingdoms/Heroes' Call arrived. These lovely neoprene mats will add to the game greatly. But like the other mat for the game and also the mat for Tiny Epic Galaxies they do take the game games away from the portable fit everything in the box idea.

The four packs that make up Tyrants came in. So one set down, two more to get! Plus a fourth set for Nath. But the purchase of them will be spread out. I do like the art on the new tokens. The third instalment for T.I.M.E. Stories also dropped through the letter box.

I'd forgotten about this one. There were enough promos in this one to justify getting it. Which for the Christmas one they did I couldn't do. Plus as I mentioned in another post earlier in the week there was a nifty little way using cards to select a game to play at a gaming group.
Finally a friend was having to cull some games to finance some other more expensive ones he wanted to keep on the right side of his wife. Which is understandable. I don't have that factor to worry about, so his pressure is my gain! Suburbia has been on my wish list for little while, so jumped at helping my friend out by buying it off him. Nice thing was we also had a nice beverage and chat at Costa while conducting our little bit of business.


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