The first X weekending 30Apr16

So here we are with the stuff that makes up the expanding part of my collection.

So just added more tiles, unique abilities to the characters of Room 25 and a new couple of new mechanics which includes the mini expansion The Audience (as a separate purchase) by getting the second season of Room 25. This all nicely fits into the base game box that comes with the second edition that I have.

Thanks to Instagram and the a recent rash of photos and praise for Flip City I crumbled and ordered a copy. Whilst in a weakened state I added my first Vikings themed game to the collection, also from TMG Bottlecap Vikings. And that was of interest to me because of the light element, and the rondel mechanic it uses.
Traders of Osaka has been on the radar for a little while. And I just want to get this to the table to play.
When I saw this go up on the Facebook trading and selling page, I couldn't believe some-one tried to reduce the price, when I checked the asking price against it was over fifty percentage reduced already. A real bargain. So I snapped it up for the asking price.

However when the game arrived I did my usual ocd thing of checking all the components against the components listed in the rule book. Two tokens were missing. This wasn't mentioned on the sale post, I was not happy. I messaged the seller, who seemed surprised. And to be fair to the they have offered to refund my money and pay for the return postage. But I've put that on hold until I've heard back from Mayday games (the publisher) about obtaining replacement tokens. Having played it at the weekend I won't be sending it back, it's playable without them and if push comes to shove I can create replacements (not ideal for my ocd) .

I have to say this is the second game now that everything has not been as expected. The other being the Lost Legacy with the damaged card. I wish before selling the sellers actually checked the games before listing and listed the faults and priced accordingly. I think the majority do. I don't think my two “bad” experiences were deliberate. But still, check before you list.

And that's it for this week.

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