The Dream Ends

The Seventh Sunday Casual event that kicked off yesterday is the last casual event to try and qualify for the upcoming invitational. For me it was pressure on, I needed to do well to even stand a chance of receiving one of the invites.
In the opening round I had drawn Geki. I had been winning more games than I'd lost over the weekend, so you could argue I was on a streak. After that epic comeback against LukeD I was feeling good. Bring it on I can do this.
Round one and Geki and I are trading jabs.


Right hook to the head, I'm spinning around from the impact of the blow. I fall to my knees but I'm not down.
I get back up on my feet.
Ok I'm a game down. It's best of three though. I can come back from this. It was a lucky punch that's all. I'll show them I'm tougher than that.
Round two


Geki's upper cut connects with my glass chin. I'm flying! I land with a bone crunching jolt on the canvas floor.
My chance of getting an invite to the invitational was flowing away across the canvas. I was out for the count. No coming back from this. Game over. Yet another two nil. That score line echoes around my head like the away fans goading the home supporters at a footy match.
Reality always finds a hard way to let you down. My inability to be consistent in my game play, sees me fluctuate between Level 5 and just making Level 7. It shows in these casual competitions that I have only once made it to the second round. I think it's accurate to say I have not got a single ranking point yet. It's not a good record.
To top it off in that ebb and flow of games I'm playing. It's been more like the tides going out. I do hope this is not another slump, it took a long time to recover from the last one.
Luckily like Rocky I don't know when to stay down. I'm bruised and losing games fast at the moment, but I'll claw my way back.


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