The Destiny Challenge

So Dale kicked my butt today in our game of Star Wars Destiny.

I was playing a Jyn/Rey deck. While Dale was playing Rey/Maz. He had Force Speed to. Which on its special side with Maz was giving him four extra actions! That was obscene. Dale also had Force Heal which he used to heal Rey a couple of times.

Dale definitely has the upper hand at the moment. The increased card pool available to him from the booster box he bought has paid off.

I got to thinking, can I do better and cheaper targeting specific cards for my deck? So the challenge is I have a budget/target of what Dale paid for his booster box. Can I build a better deck for less?

I have an idea of the cards I want for my deck. I need to improve the mill side of it, plus combat the damage it takes.

Some of those cards are already on the way. But three of them I need to hunt around for. 

I need to research some more cards that will strengthen the deck. 

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