The Completed Hacktivist

So the next instalment of minifig accessories arrived today. As you can see the hoodie torso was one of the items.
I swapped over the torso, and thought what the heck let's see what the hacktivist looks like with the baseball cap. Blow me down it looked really good. So as far as I'm concerned my hacktivist minifig is complete. I really like the way that it's turned out.

I do really like the anonymous head and very tempted to add to the list of future projects a V minifig from the V for Vendetta book/movie.

There is one more minifig accessory instalment to come, but that's coming from France I think. That will enable me to finish of the lecturer minifig and make the backpacker minifig.

I do hope that seeing how easy it is to put together a custom minifig that you will think “I can do that” and create your own custom minifigs. My project was to create ones that represent aspects of myself, stuff that represents me whether it's hobbies or work. I've created custom figures, and used official figures. I think it says a lot about me that I've included Darth Vader and The Joker as aspects of myself. What it says I don't know I'm not that self aware! I'll leave that for those with more insight to decide.


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