The case of the tin soldier 

Last night four of the most promising detective minds in the kingdom gathered to solve the second case in Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, the case of The Tin Soldier.

With the combined intellect of an amoeba it would seem we totally failed to solve this case. We had picked up the importance of one or two clues. However our theory was so wrong, just like the Parliamentary Labour Party and its contempt for democracy and its party members.

I’m very undecided about this game. It does seem to rely on the fact you pick up on the slightest of clues to be able to successfully solve the cases. With much reliance on you chasing red herrings, and running down many rabbit holes.

I don’t know even in the cold light of day, having slept on it, and attempted two cases now, and writing the above short paragraph. I think I’m falling down on the side of not being a big fan of the game.

It will be interesting to compare this to say Time Stories once I get that to the table. 

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