The Big Bang Lego Set

Today the Lego Big Bang Theory set arrived. So you know what my evening has been.

Yes I'm a fan of the show, which is why I got the set. I think the show got a little predictable for a season or two but the last season was a lot stronger.

The first picture below is a diptic (that's the iOS app I used to put the images together like this) of the box.

These following photos were taken as I built the set.

Below the finished article.

I really enjoyed making this set. It took me roughly a couple of hours. Out of the limited number of sets I built, this has been the one with the most fiddle little bits to make. Which is basically all the little ornaments and furniture that make up the apartment living area.

Lego have done a good job capturing the show with this set.

If you are going to buy this set, the cheapest place I found to buy it was the actual Lego online store. Considerably cheaper then the prices I saw on Amazon or eBay.


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