The adventure begins…

A couple of weekends ago I started playing The 7th Continent solo. I’m attempting the recommended first curse “The Voracious Goddess”. Which will be my third attempt! The first two plays were with a second player (different each time). And we never got past a certain point. Which reminds me I am going to try and keep this as spoiler free as possible. But I don’t think  it will be possible to do that completely.

For the record I am playing this with all the expansions added to the game, including the bgg promos from GenCon. That means I can possibly come across rockworms (or devourers), plus there can be weather effects as well to consider.

For this first curse I chose the character Victor Frankenstein. Being able to hold an extra idea card is a handy ability to have. Plus I knew coming up one of his skill cards would prove really useful to have.

Because of the previous two plays, I knew exactly what I needed to do to progress past the stumbling block we had hit in them. While doing this streamlined route through the first section of the curse I was able to get three bits of food, build some snow shoes, and built some weapons.

By the time I had completed the first section I was looking in very good shape for my health. I think after eating the food and using one of Victor’s cards, I had only three or four cards at most in the discard pile.

I headed North East from the starting area when presented with three options for direction to travel in. My earlier decision to take the time to make some snow shoes proved very fortuitous. I wasn’t expecting them to be so useful so soon after making them.

It was here at my landing point that I managed to tame a platypus. I would love a pet platypus in real life, so when presented with the option of killing one for food (the easier of the two options) or attempting to tame one, I chose naturally to try and tame it. Now I have a platypus following me around that improves my chances of catching fish! luckily it hasn’t been scared off by the monster I have following me around either. Yeah I know a little cliched, Frankenstein creating a monster, but hey I’m all about the cliche.

All this took me a couple of hours play. I had promised myself that I would map out my route as I played. But I forgot all about it as I explored away. I enjoyed playing The 7th Continent with others. But I absolutely loved it more as a solo game. It also means playing solo I can make more progress because I can get it back to the table easier.

Look out for the next update on Victor’s adventures in the strange land of The 7th Continent.

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