Temptations for next week 11Apr16

FFG and Esdevium drop the big one next week, not only in scale but cost, with the release of the latest in their licenced games from the Star Wars franchise, Star Wars: Rebellion. This game has been described as the original trilogy of movies in a box. Will I be getting it? Not sure at the moment. It has been getting great reviews, but cost and time to play are the main draw backs at the moment.

The Gallerist has been getting lots of praise and finally hits the shelves in the UK. While I'm curious to find out more about Sangoku, is it a bad sign that they have to tell you what game the designer did previously?

Next the Matsuri expansion for Tokaido comes out officially! How come I got this early through proper channels? Curious. I love Love Letter, have a problem keeping copies because I always seem to be giving mine away! However these versions that come in a box and not the nice velvet bag puzzle me. Why would you want the boxed version? Especially when the Adventure Time one comes in such a cute Jake bag.

Finally the nine Kickstarter versions of Tiny Epic Kingdoms (a restock) and the new expansion Tiny Epic Kingdoms: Heroes' Call come out.

Well that wraps up the stuff from next weeks new releases that caught my eye. Don't forget you can see the full list over on the Esdevium website.


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