Tabletop Day Is Here


Don't forget today is International Tabletop Day, there are loads of events going on. Fenland Gamers have a gaming session going on from midday until the evening. You don't have to attend the whole thing, pop in and pop out whenever you want. Message me through the contact page if you want to come along for details.

Or why not pop along to your FLGS or for some it may just be LGS to see what they have going on? And like the lottery if you are really lucky it may be one of the few stores with a Tabletop promo kit.

I'm taking a variety of games with me to the Fenland Gamers one, such as Splendor, Suburbia, Codenames, Five Tribes, Nations the Dice Game, Elder Sign, Batman Love Letter plus others. Then other members will be bringing games from their collection. So we will have a wide variety of games, some gateway games, some more “gamer” games. And that's the point this is a great time to try out new games, genres, themes.

I do hope that you get a chance to go along to an event and play some games.

You can look for registered events on this page HERE


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