Stuff to buy next week 18th Jan 2016

Yep it's that time of week where next weeks new releases are revealed by Esdevium. So here are the ones that caught my eye, or I've been waiting for.

Munchkin is a marmite game, I'm a marmite fan! I've not played the Legends themed version. But for fans of the deluxe editions this is a must buy because it should have a playing board for tracking players levels, nice little play figures to use. Well assuming they match the Munchkin Deluxe version that has been previously released.

But for me the little Hipster expansion is the one I'll be going for. Already I'm using this being available as the basis for cheap laughs at a friends hipster expense.

Then the big one for games shops, their bread and butter product, has a new release. Yep Magic the Gathering hits the stores with Oath of the Gatewatch.

Finally the single player game Hostage Negotiator gets restocked, along with the four Abductor Pack expansions for it.


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