Stealing the win

My slump has hit rock bottom, it's time to turn this around with a winning streak. I thought earlier in the week it was ending when at the start of the week I did what I wasn't able to do on Sunday in the tournament, and that was win two games back to back against TheCutter.

During the week I have won the odd game, however they were little thermals doing little to stop the free fall that I was in.

Of course as I've written already about my better performance in the meat world in yesterday's post I won't rehash yesterday's news.

My regular Star Realms playing partner Fredo aka Freddy has had a better week than me. He made it through the second round of the tournament for starters.

However in one of my games today with him I stole the win from him. I'd decided to try a bases strategy with my early purchases being bases, with federation ships to keep topping up my authority, I had hardly anything to combo up to do lots of damage. It wasn't long before Freddy had me down to 30 authority then my bases started kicking in slowing him down. Then I was down to 20 and not long 11. But my federation purchases kept me fluctuating between 10 and 20 authority, the bases protecting me taking the stings out of Freddy's swings at my dwindling authority.

All the time I was chipping away at Freddy's authority and buying the odd big hitter to give me a bit more fire power to chip away faster.

At any moment while I was hanging in there I feared Freddy was going to get a massive combo and just wipe me out like one of those massive tidal waves you see in disaster movies. Just had a feeling in my bones it was going to happen.

After each of my turns finished I was expecting to see the message that Fredo had defeated me. Going back into the game and watching the last turn replay showing Freddy's tidal wave attack demolishing my last authority points. But all that happened was Freddy chipping away the odd authority point. Freddy was obviously having a hard time getting the cards to finish me off. Oh how I know that feeling being in Freddy's position. You've done all the hard work. But the cards just won't fall right to do that finishing blow. It is so frustrating, because it gives the other player that window to get back in the game.

The screenshot below shows the situation at what turned out to be my final turn.

I played the cards, this was going to be close. Freddy had an outpost I needed to go through first before I could do any damage. That meant I had to have an attack that added up to 16 points or more. I hadn't done my sums, but I knew it would be close, would I be leaving Freddy with one or two authority so he could take the win he had been working so hard to get? It was all or nothing I played the cards, scraped everything I could to increase my attack. It didn't matter now, this was the time to throw caution to the wind. If I didn't there wouldn't be another chance.
I feel like the great escape theme music should of been playing as I played out my cards. I blew away the outpost, 4 points down. I then played my remaining cards the attack points built up. I hit 14 points. Wow I was going to win! I delivered the finishing blow. Somehow I had won. I felt guilty as this was definitely a stolen victory.
I'm optimistic now that the only way is up. Here's to a weekend of victories (touch wood).


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