Star Wars Lego Advent Day 3

Below left is today's advent piece of Lego. It's a robot! Surprisingly enough, and this may shock you but I don't know what type of robot or which of the movies it's from.

On the right is my new Darth Maul figure. There were only two cool things in Episode 1, the duel of fates music, and Darth Maul. Nath even has a signed photo of Darth Maul by the actor who played him.

I'd like to add a Kylo Ren minifig to my collection but at the moment they are going for stupid money. I can dream.


One thought on “Star Wars Lego Advent Day 3

  1. You are confusing me by adding extra figures, mate. Are the Darth Maul and Bobba Fett minifigs in the advent calendar? I suspect not.

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