Star Realms Year 2 Promo Pack Contents

Part of the Hero Realms Kickstarter was backers getting the Year 2 promo pack for Star Realms. This finally arrived with the Hero Realms campaign deck and two boss decks at the weekend.

So what does the promo pack contain? Good question, here is the list of the 12 cards that make up the promo pack.

  • War kite x 2
  • Federal transport x 2
  • Imperial smuggler x 2
  • Probe bot x 2
  • Stella ray
  • Cargo mech 
  • Knightstar 
  • Bounty Hunter

But that means nothing really. What you really need are some poorly taken photos of the cards. So here you are…

How often these will appear when playing the physical game I don’t know. Especially when I’m playing with everything. That’s a lot of cards. 

I’m still trying to work out if I should add in the first promo pack. But that is a different decision because with promo pack 1 I already had the majority of the cards. I know some of them are only meant to be one copy. But with 300 odd cards would a second copy make much of a difference? That’s the decision I’ve been wrestling with. 

Anyway I look forward to seeing these cards on the trade row.

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