Star Realms My Slump

At the start of last weekend I was knocking on the door of breaking into level 8 in Star Realms And hoping to make some progress towards reaching level 9. I'd been hovering around the top end of level 7, sometimes breaking into level 8. Only to slide back into level 7 after a couple of losses. My win percentage of games was 60%, it had been as high as 63% at one point.

But things have a habit of not going to plan. Since Friday I've been losing more games than I have won. It's been like one step forward, two back. I'm in the middle of a slump. Last night I checked my level I had slipped down to the top end of level 6.

That was when it really hit home how badly I had been playing recently. This wasn't a slump it was a full on decline.

To be fair I have been playing lots more people, so maybe it was inevitable that I would start clocking up more losses.

When I joined the Facebook community at the start of last week, and asked people to challenge me, it was with the intent to see just how good I was and to play more games. I was getting an inflated opinion of my abilities. Having challenged and played more people now, who are obviously more skilled at the game than me. I do now have a more realistic view of where I am in the scheme of things with regard to Star Realms.

Realistically and not very comforting for my ego and pride I'm not nearly as good as I thought I was. With a severly bruised pride I know I have to improve.

The day dream of storming on the competitive scene has been crushed. See yesterday's post about my experience of my first tournie for more details. The New Years fireworks display ended up being less impressive than a damp squib.

Since the new release of the Star Realms app and the league tables it introduced I've not done enough to even break into the lower tiers of the league tables. Another indicator that I'm just not cutting it at the higher levels.

Maybe I'm setting myself too high a standard. I'd like to think I offer a reasonable challenge when played. But on current form the evidence suggests otherwise.

Now this post may sound like I'm really down on the game at the moment. But that can't be further than the truth. I love playing the game. I think it comes across in my recent posts how much I love playing the game, even when I lose.

I know just round the corner my next win could be the start of a run that ends this slump and takes me back to where I was before the weekend. It could take me to new heights and into level 9.

So if you want to play me on Star Realms my ID is whitespider hit me up for a game or two.


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