Star Realms an obvious idea


So played another game of this today but with a student. It was a comfortable win but when the student usually plays with a friend instead of the authority cards to keep track of authority they use two ten sided dice. One to represent tens and another to represent units.

Why hadn't I thought of that? The cards work, but it is fiddly almost awkward keeping track using them. This is a much simpler and easier option. However it doesn't store in the small box that the game comes in, which the cards do.

So I really really want to get the Star Realms storage box, it will hold the cards and and four dice easily. I've not seen the storage box on sale in the UK yet. But then again I've not come across the play mats either. I'm hoping we get these in the UK soon along with the Gambit expansion.

In the meantime, in the game they use the colour green to represent authority. This got me thinking, how about using green ten sided dice with the game? So now I've got some green ten sided dice on their way, along with the Crisis expansion packs. I think the green dice will be cool with the game. And I'm so excited about adding the new cards to the game.

An update on my games with the Games Quest guys, we seem evenly matched, I win a game, they win a game, then I win a game and so on. Some how I need to improve my game to break the deadlock. I know one or two of my weaknesses, but more studying of tactics etc is in order.



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