Star Realms 2.3 Out

Today saw the release of the latest version of the Star Realms app. For those who read this blog and don't know what Star Realms is (is there anyone?), it's a two player (although can be more) deck building game where each player is trying to remove the opposing players authority (life) down to zero. Now Star Realms is not just a physical card game but also an awesome app available on iOS, (dirty) Android, OS X and Windoze. The app allows you to play online against other players, there is also solo play modes like against an ai or a campaign mode.

What makes the app stand out is its cost. The app costs £3.99 which gets you the app across all the platforms the game is available. So many months have to buy it again to,play it on my Mac or for for some reason I want to play on a PC. The same also goes for the Gambit expansion you can buy for the app which costs £2.99. Once again that means you have the expansion on all the other platforms also. So amazing value.

So what have they introduced in this latest update? Well instead of me telling you here is the summary from the iOS App Store.

The biggest improvement for me is the being able to have the greater granularity when playing with the Gambit expansion. Personally I can take or leave the Gambit cards, but some of my favourite ships were introduced in the Gambit expansion. So being able to select just the ships and bases now and leave out the Gambits is a big big thing.
Campaign sync is nice but I play mainly online against others these days. Campaign was great at helping me learn before stepping out into the big wide world of online play.
The auto updated is also a very nice touch on OS X and Windoze.
So a nice little update strengthening a great app.


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