Splash Down

So what dropped through my letter box this week?

I'm sure you are eager to find out.

And I'm eager to share with you what is piling up in my home.




Taking advantage of another Amazon silly price deal, it was hard to not fall for temptation and get WWE Superstar Showdown for eight pounds and some pence.

How much do I like playing Patchwork on my phone? A lot. Which would explain why this turned up!

A visit to my FLGS The Hobbit Hole landed me the Bantha expansion for Imperial Assault, and a second track to use with Formula D. Plans are a foot to have a league for Formula D at Fenland Gamers. So this will give a little variety for us.

Plus a copy of the card game Haggis arrived. This has gone straight into my bag I take with me when there is a Costa Gaming session.

These two figures for Super Dungeon Explorer were too good a bargain to pass up on Facebook. I just need to get the game to the table.

AEG customer support are amazing. Not only do they respond within twenty four hours, but they sent me the two missing bags for Lost Legacy and some spare tokens for Batman Love Letter for free. I've had to make use of the support again for Lost Legacy because I've discovered a badly marked card in one of the sets. Which I wasn't happy with, because this was not declared by the seller. Luckily AEG have stepped up once more and are sending a replacement.
The alt art player boards for Takenoko look beautiful. Each one is different art. Plus a spare time machine for Colt Express.

Finally the locations cards for Ninja Dice arrived along with Kage Masters and two mini expansions. I got stung by the customs charge (which I don't mind paying) and the daylight robbery handling fee of the post office (which I do mind paying). Everything just about fits into the Ninja Dice storage bag.

Another Facebook bargain District-Z a zombie fighting card game for up to four players also arrived. Ok I like zombie games, sue me.

And that's it for this week.


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