Spelunking the depths of my sadness

This post is really about levels of sadness and further evidence of needing a life. So let's start off that descent into the depths of sadness with a Pop! vinyl figure of V for Vendetta. Having started to become one of those “guys” (thanks to Bouncy the geek pusher). Ok, ok maybe my Lego minifig obsession had already pushed me down that path. But hey I'm not letting Bouncy off the guilt trip. These types of figures lie firmly at his feet for the blame. It was only a matter of time before I got this figure. I love the graphic novel, I love the movie, heck as you know I've used the V mask or more correctly Guy Fawkes mask for the face of my hacktivist.

I guess I'm lucky that Bouncy hasn't found out about the new Black Widow model for the Age of Ultron movie or found a Rorschach one from the Watchmen movie. He's just that sort of person, putting temptation in the way of the weak willed like me.
Let's sink a bit deeper into the pit of sadness.

New Lego, New Lego

So first up a minifig kilt! It's the Cameron tartan and has been ordered in for the next project. Which I really should write a post about.
It's Red Nose Day next Friday so I planned on marking it with a Lego minifig photo after seeing I could get a head with a red nose on it. I'm debating what the photo will depict. I'm sure the idea will shape itself intime. I got two “super computers” to use in Android:Netrunner photos for the Corp side. The rest of the stuff in the photo is also being used in the May project. It's a very ambitious project. It's not animation but it kind of reminds me in spirit of the minifig movie my friend George did of me back in 2008.
Finally I got this little computer desk. It's not official but something someone has put together and selling on eBay. It's ok and will meet my needs as a prop to use with the minifigs. I'd of liked it to be a little bit wider/deep.
So there you have it a further glimpse in to the dark dark world of nerdiness that is my life.


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