Southern Car Park

So finally made it down to see Nath. I'd like to say without incident, but it seems the South is just one big carpark with road works every blooming where. Take a route to avoid road works I knew about, only to run into more road works. Nice to know all my taxes are going to prop up the South while we get no investment locally.

Waiting for me at Naths was last weekends delivery that the escapades of the previous Friday meant I missed.

So I'm assuming a recent issue of XBox The Official Magazine gave away with it a little XBox themed card game called Heroes of XBox Combat Cards.

As the instructions on the back (see below) indicate this card game is “similar” to the popular card game for children of all ages Top Trumps.

I'm not going to bore you with all the cards in the pack, however I will bore you with four of my favourites.

I think every kid growing up has played a top trumps game or two. I think my favourite version of the ones available when I was much much younger was the Marvel Top Trumps. So we are probably talking early to mid eighties.

Hopefully tomorrow we will get a game or two in before I have to return back to the land of the never ending horizon.


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