Some recent photos

Yesterday the deluxe expansion Honor and Profit for Android Netrunner arrived. I just need the first deluxe expansion (which is on its way) to bring me completely upto date on all the data packs and deluxe expansions, until Data and Destiny comes out.

I just need to play Netrunner regularly now (well Ashes also).    
Below are some photos taken on Saturday when I went to the Computer Museum at Cambridge for the Kickstarter launch of a new book about the Oliver Twins. 

There was also an announcement by the Oliver Twins about Wonderland Dizzy being released. Which can be played for free online. 

The Oliver Twins also generously provided food for those attending plus gave a goodie bag to folks containing a Wonderland Dizzy mug and mouse mat.

Most of these photos have also been on my Instagram feed. 

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