Some Christmas Day Viewing…

Totally off topic for the blog, but if you are struggling for a good movie to watch today while trying to survive the after affects of over eating, here are some recommendations.

First up…

This first recommendation is probably in my opinion the best movie Jackie Chan has done in years.

The Foreigner is a revenge movie at its heart. It has the odd action sequences that harp back to those classics that Jackie is famous for back in his younger days. I can’t watch Pierce Brosnan in this movie without thinking Gerry Adams, his appearance, character etc just screams the guy. Almost biopic performance! I also like the grittier tone this has. This movie should have been promoted more.

The biggie for Netflix this Christmas is the Will Smith vehicle Bright.

A cop buddy movie, that on one level reminded me of Alien Nation. But mix in fantasy elements and you have a great movie that looks at some interesting themes.

A couple of weeks back Netflix added…

Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It wouldn’t be Christmas without a Star Wars movie, and I really like this first entry in the new trilogy.

Yep Netflix has all of the Back to the Future trilogy for you to watch. A classic, still enjoyable.

Now onto the film that for me rebooted Keanu Reeves. It was most definitely his best movie for a really really long time.

John Wick is a modern action movie classic, great twist on the revenge movie plot. Oh and ultra violent, you have been warned.

“Classic” eighties tv remade/rebooted as a movie in general haven’t been amazing. Dire would be more descriptive. But oh boy did The Equaliser deliver. It is a really great, gritty, violent take on the tv show.

Ok onto…

I only have one recommendation here.

A weapons deal that goes horribly wrong. Great acting, violent, twist ending. This is a gem of a movie.

Ok not a single seasonal movie here, but I think you will be glad that you did watch these.

Or if you are in the mood to binge watch something try these…

On Amazon prime…

Have a great days viewing!

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