Small Box Gaming

This morning the game Bomb Squad Academy arrived. Yes I liked it that much that it had to be added to the collection.

But Bomb Squad Academy could be called by many a “micro” game. I'm beginning to not like that description. I think it does the game it is being applied to an injustice.

Take for instance the new arrival, on bgg the playtime is listed as twenty minutes. From experience of the time I played it at Fenland Gamers, and when it was played a second time also by a group at Fenland Gamers, I would put that play time more in the thirty to forty minute zone.

For me a more accurate and less demeaning description is small box games. How can you dismiss the games above as “micro”? Yes they are in smaller boxes, play quicker, but they deliver a lot of punch for the size packaging and components used.

Machi Koro could easily fit into a smaller box like the one used for Tiny Epic Galaxies, and then become a “micro” game. Yet it is classed as a full game because of the packaging, which is rediculous there is so much empty space in the packaging (yes I realise it was most likely done for shelf space and attracting potential buyers).

Some of these “micro” games have so much game play it's amazing, and put some of the big box cousins to shame.

So why not call them small box games instead? Pay them the respect they are due.

I like, nay love small box games. I like that they are portable, can be throne into a bag, a suitcase, a pocket. That they can then be pulled out at a moments notice to get that gaming fix. Heck you have seen on here that often I meet up with friends at drinking establishments to enjoy a hot beverage and some gaming. Heck I've also gamed at the establishments of perveyors of alcoholic beverages too.

Small box games are great, let's stop calling them “micro”.


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