Small box games

This morning while I was taking a leisurely start to the day I came across a tweet by Bebo for her new vlog post. In this vlog Bebo talked about taking a small box game with you when visiting friends. Bebo saw this as away to expand the fan base for the hobby.

It may have come to your notice, possibly, that I like playing board games. It may have also come to your attention that I have a board game collection (that is growing). Well I do have the odd small box game in my collection.

Which brings me to the main point of this post. In Bebo's vlog she mentioned one or two of her favourite small box games. So I thought I would follow her lead and mention one or two of the ones that are in my collection.

However I didn't want to just list games in this post. Instead I've used a photo (above), and we all know a picture is worth a thousand words.

In the photo above I think I have a good mix of styles of game. Although it might be a tad biased towards card games. There are definite two player only games (Cypher, Pixel Taxtics and Star Realms), there are definite games that need to be played as a group only (Coup, Resistance, Bang the dice game).

Plus regular readers all know my love affair with Star Realms and Love Letter. So not much time will be spent pushing those games to you.

The great thing about these small box games is that they are not terribly expensive with the majority coming in under twenty pounds. Then there is the advantage that they are small enough to carry around with you, ready for that impromptu gaming session.

There are some great gaming experiences in the small box games above, I'd love to hear which are you favourites.


You can watch the vlog here –> Bebo Vlog about small box games


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