Second Round Knock Out

Well the second hurdle just proved to be too high for this ageing old nag to clear. I think the idea is to clear the hurdle and move onto the next one, not try and barge through them head first like Juggernaut breaking through a banks wall.
Unfortunately as the final scores show I didn't give a good showing for myself. I got mauled.

The second game I spent too many turns buying bases, trying to build an impenetrable wall to hide behind, ready to then hit back as my opponents attacks floundered on the walls of my Helms Deep. In reality my plan proved as effective as the straw house was for the three little pigs.

Had the heady heights of being in the second round gotten to me? Well in my casual games I've been making progress again, winning more than I lose. So on that front it looks like I'm climbing slowly out of my slump.

I think hand on heart the only answer is I posed no challenge at all, and rightly got my butt kicked.

A Quick Question

What are the cards you like to buy on you first turn? The picture above shows my ideal starting trade row if I'm going first, 3 trade to spend, Cutter and Federation Shuttle ready to buy. Call me tactically nieve but I can't resist the Cutter, and the Federation Shuttle is good second buy I think in this situation. Plus in the other combinations of one or two trade to spend then either card depending of course on amount to spend.
If I'm going second then the amount of trade is going to be between three and five. At the lower amount ideally I'd like a situation as above. However I'm always hoping for a Cutter early on. Although if I can get a Starmarket then that is a nice alternative to have if no Cutter is available. I also like an Embassy Yacht in this situation too.
So what are your ideal cards to buy first?


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