Second of April

Two new minifigs out of five isn't too bad.

As I'm always saying though doubles in minifigs isn't a problem when you also make custom minifigs. It helps build up a library of spare parts to use in your own figures.
I have some others on the way, a boxer, some storm troopers, Obi Wan,Emperor, and Jedi Luke. Well you know now that when they arrive I'll share pictures of them with you.
Talking of stuff on its way, how much did I enjoy the Harbour game yesterday? I enjoyed it so much that I have a copy on its way to me. Who knows I may just have a second copy coming to give as a prize for a competition. I've not done one of those in a long long time.
This little beauty arrived today. Normally I binge open all the packets. But I've decided to take my time and savour the experience. So just five packets today, then some more tomorrow. As long as I'm ready to play Freddy over the weekend.


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