Sauron’s 2017 Gaming Predictions

Using the Palantir hidden in the depths of the Wisbech Castle dungeons, Sauron has shown me images of what is to be in the coming year!

This is what Sauron showed me:

  • The Asmodee borg collective will assimilate more companies. Ok this is almost a given. I think the bigger shock would be if they didn’t. Asmodee are currently still digesting their latest meal F2Z. But I’m pretty sure they have dessert already lined up.
  • Boardgaming fans will be in uproar (again) over some of their favourite games being dropped by the Asmodee borg collective. I’m sure if my memory isn’t playing tricks on me, Tom Vassel has said there is a review going on, and that they will be concentrating on a few key titles. Which says to me there will be casualties. Which will I’m sure will upset fans of those games. It also means the second hand copy market price will shoot up.
  • The issue of supply of “popular” games to the UK will get worse. We have seen the UK in the past couple of months get short changed on the number of copies of particulate games it receives. The Scythe board extension and Inis are two examples. There are various theories floating round the internet as to why. But I can’t see this improving.
  • Pandemic Legacy Season 2 will not be as well received as Season 1.
  • There will be at least three big release games (not including the one from Portal Games) that use apps as intergral parts of the game.

PS yes I know that is Saruman in the picture. 

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