Round Two Here I Come Again

Sunday Casual Tournament 14 started on Sunday.

On Sunday my opponent went straight in with two game challenges. I thought that's very keen that is.

Unusual for games I'm in my opponent conceded the first game. In fact this was the first game ever that an opponent has conceded. I had sixty seven authority to their eighteen authority at this point. But as has been documented on here I have come back from a wider point spread to win, and also been on several occasions on the receiving end of such a turn around. So this came out of the blue, and totally surprised me.

I'm not usually an optimistic person in life. But in Star Realms even if the odds seem against me, my authority is in single digits, I always keep playing until I'm blown out of the skies. There is always a chance no matter how slim.

I don't know maybe my opponent thought he'd be better off starting a new and thinking they would win the next game.

So a third game was started. Meanwhile the second game was coming to a conclusion. But not in my favour. My purchases hadn't been brilliant, the draws weren't going in my favour, and whatever excuses I can think up. But in all honesty my butt was well and truly kicked.

Two games down and even stevens, one a piece.

The last game went in my favour not a walk away victory, but a comfortable one.

I was through again to the second round for the fourth time if my counting is correct.

I go through with a 2-1 victory! game scores shown below for those remotely interested.

Chris Shaner designer/creator of AGES is getting closer to having the game making its grand debute on Kickstarter.

Since the early version I bought there have been some “changes” to the game. It feels harsh describing them as “changes”. I think a fairer description would be tweaks.

One of those tweaks has been to the games manual. Which Chris shared with the community on Edutainment Games Facebook page.

The manual is looking much better. But I had a surprise in the back. Amongst the names of people Chris says thank you too for,their help and support is my name!!! OMG!

Wow I was shocked I wasn't expecting that. It should be me saying thank you to Chris for giving me the opportunity to play such a great game early.


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