Ross the Boss

Today a new figure for Zombicide arrived, along with proving belonging to the UK Trading and Selling page on Facebook isn’t that healthy for the bank balance. 

Ross the Boss is the Zombicide characture  of John Goodmans character Walter Sobchak in the cult classic The Big Lebowski.

The super cool thing about this figure is the guy I bought it from had painted it. Sure all my other figures aren’t painted, but one day they maybe.

Ross completes my collection of Zombicide characters from the movie. Ok there are only two.

My goal for getting these figures was for a friend who is a big big fan of the movie (although I do question this because he hasn’t watched the porn spoof of the movie) to play with when we get Zombicide to the table. 

I’m quite proud of myself because I’ve managed to get both figures for less than predicted.

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