Reality Check

It's not until you start putting stuff together that it suddenly dawns on you just how much stuff you will be taking. It happens when you pack for a holiday, a backpacking trip or a hike. You think oh I'll take this and I'll need that. And you don't think it's a lot, then finally everything you have thought of, remembered gets put into one place and that omg “there's so much stuff, too much stuff” moment occurs.

All of a sudden the games I listed plus a couple extra are in one place. And that photo above hasn't got the X-Wing stuff included. I've only got a little Ford Ka! The Space Hulk box will fill it up by itself!

Do I really need to take that many games? Will we get time to play them all? Should I bother with X-Wing? If I don't take them all which ones do I leave behind?

I know one evening my friend Mark is coming round to play a game or two, so the “gateway” games have to stay. Plus I'm visiting a friend who isn't a gamer, maybe I can introduce him to the delights of games with the “gateway” games.

I can't not take Space Hulk after all I've said about the search for a copy of the game over the years. I hate decisions like this, each game has a good reason for being selected for this trip.

What would you do?



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