Racing to the pile of shame


You wouldn't it would be safe to say, describe me as a formula one racing fan. I find the sport and especially the TV/radio coverage boring. It's about as exciting as watching washing going round in a tumble drier for me. The commentators make it even worse because they try and make it sound exciting.

So why then have I gone and bought a boardgame that recreates the formula one driving experience? Was the Tabletop episode with Wil Wheaton and friends really that good an advert for the game? Er Yes.

There are some nice touches to the game like how it uses different sided dice to simulate using different gears. Or how a car has to stop in a marked area round each of the corners or the car takes damage.

And the game does seem much more fun than actually watching the sport. So another game removed off my “to buy” list and added to my pile of shame of games I really must get to the table.

Thought I would end today's post with a Nico and Loki photo. I just love the evil look on Nicos face as he plots some act of evil to get the chew off Loki.


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