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Start of the month goodies arrived yesterday. Not all of the ones I was expecting but hey ho.

With the arrival of The Source and The Spaces Between data packs for Android:Netrunner I now have all of the data packs (apart from the just released one – awaiting Amazon to send it). Next up is to get the remaining two big expansions that I need to complete for the time being having all the available cards for the game.

As you can also see I have the Why Can't We Be Friends expansion for Imperial Settlers. Just a bloody shame Amazon decided not to send the game at the same time! So have expansion but no game!!!

Yesterday I also got a chance to play AGES with one of my students. The student had heard about the game on the Star Realms Fan page on Facebook, and I did say I'd bring the game in for him to play. Now the student is just waiting for the kickstarter to start so he can pledge for a copy of the game.

Finally there are plans for a Tuesday night Netrunner to start running at the Kings Head in Wisbech starting on the 7th of this month. So next week basically. Hopefully. Maybe.


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