QOTD: How many copies of love letter is too many?

With the arrival of the clamshell (read has the bag) edition of Munchkin Loot Letter today, I did a quick adding up, and I have eight!

I think I have a problem, and need an intervention.

Favourite Version? Batman Love Letter, great art, amazing tokens, just the whole package is awesome.

Worst Bag? Munchkin Loot Letter – after being spoilt by the lovely soft velvet material, stitched logos of the Batman, Hobbit and Tempest editions the plastic feel and print on logos of Loot Letter were a major disappointment.

Best Rule Change? Batman Love Letter – when playing a Batman card and you guess another players card not only do you knock that player out for that round you also get a bonus token.

Best Tokens? Batman Love Letter – those little oval yellow Batman logos are awesome!

Least Favourite Tokens? Love Letter The Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies – although very thematic I just don't like the little plastic gem like counters.

Why do I need so many copies? Well this coming Tuesday I'm holding a Love Letter tournament for some new students. I'll be writing about that then.


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