Preparing for tomorrow

Once more I compile my list of games to take with me to potentially play with Nath over the weekend. As I write this I have no idea what shifts Nath will be working this weekend. Which means our time together could be very limited or more than expected!

Top of the list will be Star Realms. Nath really enjoyed the game last time, and has been playing the app since (although he hasn't bought it yet, so we haven't played online against each other). It will be interesting to see how Nath has grown as a player since learning the game. I will introduce him to the Gambits expansion this weekend I think.

Cthulhu Realms will also be making the cut this time. Well the reason it didn't last time was it wasn't out! I'm pretty sure Nath will like this considering he is a Star Realms fan now. Or will the theme and design of the cards put him off the game?

AGES will be making the trip along with Arctic Scavengers to complete the deckbuilder based games. Nath enjoys deckbuilding games. He really enjoyed Marvel Legendary and as we also know Star Realms. So it makes sense to take these to try with him as well. Which reminds me I must take Legendary Encounters Alien along sometime. But that's the problem, I've bought so many great games to play with Nath that we haven't even got to the table yet.

Once more I will attempt to play Imperial Assault with Nath. It is so embarrassing. We will get to play it. I'm determined to get this to the table with Nath if it's the last thing I do. Nath will so enjoy the skirmish mode of this great game. Last time I took it I was hoping that the new expansions would have arrived in time. Now about a month later they still haven't hit the stores yet (although very very imminent apparently). So no Boba Fett or the droids R2-D2 and C3PO. Naturally we will be playing with the new rule change for skirmish games.

And finally I'll take Hive with me. I'd like to see what Nath makes of an abstract game like this if we get a chance to play it.

EPIC Is Getting Closer

This morning White Wizard (those of Star Realms fame) sent out an email with the backerkit link so that those who backed Epic on kickstarter could confirm their details, and also confirm the addons that they had pledged for.

Amongst the addons was a very very pleasant surprise (which I think many Star Realms fans will be taking up) of the next Star Realms expansions Star Realms Colony Wars (a stand alone expansion or can be combined with original version) and the Cosmic Gambit expansion for pre-order. Both will ship seperately to the Epic card game (I have four copies of this coming plus a playmat – and I am seriously debating about ordering a second playmat).

With this email and confirming our details we are getting closer to the game shipping, and I believe (hope) White Wizard are still on target for the game to ship in September.

Is Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing Dying?

The other day I got the regular promotional email listing new arrivals and offers from Boardgameguru. As I skimmed through the email the following caught my eye.

Dungeons and Dragons Attack wing has tanked – there are a few remnants left which we have

It got me thinking is this version of Attack Wing in decline? The use of the word tanked above would hint for this retailer the game has not proven to be very popular. Is this being experienced by other retailers? I certainly don't see many OP events being promoted for it.

I have to admit out of the two Attack Wing licences the Dungeons and Dragons one was the most attractive to me. However being firmly in the X-Wing camp I wasn't looking for another game like it. X-Wing is expensive enough as it is. Adding Dungeons and Dragons would just totally have broken my bank account. If memory serves me correctly I think it was released with seven expansions from day one!

What do you think? Did Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing reach its peak and is now in decline? Are other shops seeing this? Is what Boardgameguru are seeing an anomaly?



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