Praying to the postal gods 

If the postal gods are smiling on me I have the following hopefully arriving during the next week.

I have two items that are in the postal system between the US and the UK. The first is the playmat to go with the recently arrived but unplayed kickstarted expansion for Tiny Epic Galaxies, Beyond the Black. With the two playmats in use this game will be anything but tiny.

Also finding it’s way over the pond is the latest in the Tiny Epic series, and hot off kickstarter, Tiny Epic Quest. Looking forward to this one hitting the table.

Finally the reason I’m not bothered about Gloomhaven being delayed by a couple of months, 7th Continent is due to start shipping from the Kickstarters UK/EU distributor tomorrow. Luckily when asked when I wanted the game I said asap instead of the “wait to the end of August” option. Which means along with the others that said asap should be getting priority on the orders going out.

So let’s see how happy these postal gods are with me. 

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