Planeswalkers and Being Epic

In the last couple of days White Wizard announced the release date for the first expansion for Epic called Tyrants.

Before this announcement they had been putting previews of some of the new cards in the expansion up on the Epic Facebook page.

At the same time White Wizard also announced the details of a game day kit, and tournament kit. You can guess what I'm going to be asking my FLGS to get in.

This is great news seeing White Wizard supporting the game. My question on the expansion is will I need three copies as I do for the base game for catering for the larger draft formats or deck building?

Also the expansion may hit stores in March in the US. But there is a loooong delay afterwards before we will see them on the shores here. We still haven't seen the Star Realms Colony Wars yet over here. This seems a regular problem for White Wizard, and I'd love to see them resolve this.

Magic the Gathering Arena of the Planeswalker

Over the last couple of days news has also leaked out in the autumn we will see another expansion for Magic the Gathering Arena of the Planeswalker.

From the info/rumour I've seen on a forum or two this will be a large expansion, same size of the original game, and not require the base game. It will have five new Planeswalkers, which will be dual colour, plus all the supporting terrain, cardboard, etc. And naturally be playable with what has come before.

So MtGAotP has been out six months now, we have seen one expansion, that barely added much to the game. Team/deck building is not really an option as it stands.

If I compare this to Imperial Assault in fourteen months we have seen two deluxe expansions, and several Hero and Villians packs, a Worlds competition, active support for stores to host game nights with kits. In the skirmish games there has been a lot better ability to team/deck build.

Imperial Assault really does show what might have been and could be if Hasbro actually got behind this game. Failing that I pray Plaid Hat buys the rights to the game mechanics/rules and releases an Ashes version with better support.


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