Pandemic Legacy Season One Finale

Monday saw the Gang of Four get together to attempt to get a win for the final month of December. Would it take both attempts? Would we even got a win? Our track record hasn't been that great so far, the game really has been owning us.

With the board setup, the three remaining objectives out, and looking at only having to complete two out of the three, we might just stand a chance of ending the game on a high.

Debbie read the mission brief for December. Our current objectives were all of a sudden the old torn up objectives. We now had two new objectives, one of them we had to find a stock pile of the CoDa virus hidden in all places Atlanta. Wow a final curve ball.

Debbie had swapped out her character for the virologist. Which with mine meant we had the characters good at curing the faded and vaccinate the faded cities. And that was to be our main task.

We focused a lot on locating that hidden stock pile. We were getting close. But we got washed away with tides of pandemics. The game had smacked us down once more, reminding us who the boss is.

With the board reset, this was it our final chance of going out with a win.

Debbie and I divided the globe for dealing with the faded, and vaccinating the cities. Matt and Jonathan were to control the virus outbreaks, AND find the stockpile.

Naturally Debbie and I helped out where we could. We found the stockpile. Phew one objective down. Plus we had found a cure. That helped take the pressure off. But we were burning through the player deck.

We had a win in sight. But did we have enough time? There were five cards left in the player deck! Debbie would be able to do her part of the plan to win. That accounted for two of the final five cards. Then it would be Matts turn, another two cards gone. If I couldn't do my part of the plan we'd lost. But I executed our plan to perfection. I vaccinated our final city to grab the win. It doesn't get closer than that.

We totalled up our score for our play through and ended up with a final score of 448. Not in the lowest bracket, so a little relief there.

Final thoughts…

So first up we got twenty plays out of this game. So for a £45 play through once legacy game, I think we got our monies worth out of the game. I know some suggest you can then use your final board and play the game as a regular pandemic, but with that personal touch. But I'm not sure I'd do that. I might give it a try.

For us we thought it was a bit on the mean side. Several times with victory in sight we managed to snatch a defeat.

Loved the story element of the game, and the new bits they threw in like the faded, vaccinations and searching. And the little faded figures, oh they are sooo cool. I thought the little vaccine pills looked like amber ants eggs. Not sure about the road blocks, we didn't really use these, the quarantine tokens I liked. The different building types were a nice touch.

I have to admit when I had to tear up my first card in the game I was a bit hesitant about it. But by the end I quite enjoyed it.

Overall I loved the whole experience of the game. It really worked. The plot twists, even when my character turned out to be a traitor and was gone from the game, were cool. Our issue as the graph above shows was the getting together to play.

I can't wait until Season Two, and see where the story takes us.


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