Pandemic Legacy November play through

You have been warned…

As the Rock would say if he was in our play group “Finally we get back to Pandemic Legacy. Finally we are attempting to beat the month of November!”

Yes you may be detecting a little frustration with our recent lack of plays. With the finish line in sight I'm hoping our final session doesn't get strung out.

But let's be positive about this we did manage to get together to take on November.

The months briefing fore told of our imminent demise.

That was it, no new surprises, we didn't need to scratch off the card provided because we had already opened the two required boxes in previous games.

We had three objectives to complete, one of which was the mandatory find three cures, with either destroy two military bases, vaccinate six cities, or build three vaccination centres (iirc).

In the players deck we had three one time use cards that allowed the avoiding of an epidemic card, at the cost of raising the riot level of any chosen city.

With Debbie doing the initial infections, she somehow managed to get a lot of faded on the board. I, I mean we, may have given Debbie a little grief over this.

I started off with one of the one time use cards. Which after a brief discussion was used, so that when we hit the next epidemic card we'd have a bigger pool of cards to cycle through so it wouldn't be so potent.

With an early vaccination centre built, I was picking up vaccines to try and clear up some of the faded so they didn't outbreak.

Matt destroyed the two military bases giving us that objective early. We cured a disease or two, vaccinated six cities, even built the three vaccination factories, whilst also finding the third cure.

We did use a second one off card, which Matt wasn't too keen on, and boy was he adiment that he wouldn't use the third and final one that he had in his possession. Maybe we will be thanking him when we play December for his stubbornness.

Finally and I'm not sure why we have waited so long in playing this, but we pulled the nuclear option and used an unfunded event we had that removed a city from the game forever, it also removed any virus counters and faded on it too.

There were a couple of minor misplays, yeah you'd think we'd be experts by now. But boy did it feel good to have a win back on the record books.

One more month to go and then for the time being our adventures together in the world of Pandemic will come to an end.


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