Pandemic Iberia Standees 

Like Pandemic Iberia? Well I do. So does my friend Duncan (described as the Scottish version of me but likeable!)

Duncan has done some amazing work for the game by creating standees for it to replace the pawns.

I’ve stolen one of his photos of them below. Because that’s the sort of person I am. Take, take, take.

Not only that he’s shared them with the gaming community by putting the file up on bgg for others to do the same.

Obviously this shows just how much nicer than me he is.

You can get the file HERE

One thought on “Pandemic Iberia Standees 

  1. Thanks Darren. I’m going to reprint mine and prittstick them to thicker card, with the thick card being full length of the thin character card, plus a few millimetres (whatever that is in furlongs), to slot into the FFG base. That way the text is visible, and less chance of think image being damaged in slot.

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