Out Next Week WS1Aug16

I've not done one of these for a few weeks, mainly because there has been very little out that has been of interest or grabbed my attention. As I said in a previous post it's the lull before the GenCon Storm that is next week.

With FFG announcing the app crippled second edition of Mansions of Madness at the end of last week, I was surprised to see that it's hitting the shelves of your FLGS next week. I'm glad I'm not intending to buy this albatross because it's going to set you back £93. So for a hundred quid you can get the game, a kebab and a can of pop!

FFG with the second item to catch my eye this week, and one I'm more likely to buy. Well ok I will buy, because I can use them to play with Nath. Oh what is it? They are releasing the two 2015 World Championship decks that the 2015 World Champion used. I'm going to treat these like Magic duel decks.

Finally one of the hottest games of the year will hit the shelves, having only just reached its Kickstarter backers, and that's Scythe from Stonemaier Games. The Collectors edition of this is going for around £100 at the moment with its pimped out components. So £60 isn't looking too bad. Compare it with that app crippled monstrosity Mansions of Madness, and it looks a bargain. Although I want Cry Havoc more, this is a close second.

Well that's the stuff that has caught my eye from the Asmodee Borg Collective controlled Esdevium. Don't forget 12% of these prices is due to Brexit. What's caught your eye for next week?


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