Out next week 8Aug16

It seems the horses are out of the Esdevium gate quickly, the GenCon dust hasn't even had time to settle yet, and we have a few things out next week that caught my eye.

The fantastic Viticulture Essential Edition is going to be back in stock. I must get a copy! I have the expansions!!

Whilst Guilds of London finally hits the shelves of your FLGS. I picked this up at the UK Games Expo, but this is another top game to get. I really like it.

The card builder Mystic Vale also finally after all it's hype and buzz gets to fight for a slice of your wallet and space on your gaming shelf. This game really does interest me a lot. The game is aimed at introducing the public to the card building mechanic. Apparently there is a bigger more ambitious game by the designer that uses the mechanic. This his and the publishers way of easing us into it.

Another version of Love Letter is released into the wild. This time the theme is aimed at fans of the Archer cartoon. I'm curious as to what tweaks they have made to this version.

The fun party/group game Cash and Guns has a second expansion hitting. Going by the title I'm guessing it's introducing teams to the game, and I'm hoping more guns!

I love Five Tribes, and this new mini expansion for the game will be a no brainer.

Finally the second data pack of the Flashpoint cycle also drops.

Some great stuff out next week, you are going to need deep pockets to get it all. Then it's just finding time to play them.


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