Out next week 6Jun16

If I hadn't been at the tenth UK Games Expo and stalking Sam and Tom from the Dice Tower round the venue (write up of my experience coming naturally in a day or two time) I would have been telling you all about the new stuff hitting your FLGS (or it might be just a LGS) that caught my eye on Friday.

Well I'm back home now after an exhausting time enjoying myself. Having fun is such hard work.

Anyhow let's look at what Esdevium are throwing our way next week…

First up is something for the Magic the Gathering player, with Magic the Gathering: Eternal Masters.

A pack of these cards isn't cheap at £8.50!!!!!! Yep a regular booster is £3.50. I get that these are “reprints” of some hard to get cards from the archives. But still it's not as if you can use them in newer decks. One for the Magic die hard I think.

The only other thing that caught my attention is Imperial Settlers 3 Is A Magic Number. Disappointingly not available at the expo early. And this won't be the last time in the next week you will hear me moan about this. You have been warned!

So that's it for this week, with the caveat that this is the stuff that would interest me. There is other stuff coming out, Pokemon, RPG, games, accessories and expansions. However they don't interest me. So if you are remotely curious go visit the Esdevium website and have a butchers at their weekly PDF of new releases. Then come back and tell me what I missed, and why I should have mentioned it.


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