On the outside looking in

I’ve kind of spent the weekend doing the gaming equivalent of standing outside the restaurant window looking in, while everyone is inside enjoying themselves.

Or that’s how it feels watching YouTube videos by the likes of Team Covenant for the collectable dice and card game Star Wars Destiny.

Because I’ve come late to the party I’ve missed the first wave of the game. It sold like hot cakes 

All I have at the moment is the Kylo starter. I’ve not played a game yet. Well I can’t play with my friend who would also like to get into the game. He can’t buy a starter. Let alone any boosters. I was extremely lucky that I managed to get the Kylo second hand for the price I did.

But this weekend I’m hoping that the Rey starter I’ve got off eBay is legit. I know the awesome play mat that FFG do, and seen in some of the Team Covenant videos is on its way. But that was optimistic of me. It’s assuming my friend and I can get product to play with. Mind you it’s an awesome mat I can use with other games.

I did via a Facebook group for the game hear that there might be starters and boosters in some lgs in New Zealand! Being on the opposite side of the planet would normally be an obstacle. But luckily I have family down there, and an aunt and uncle on holiday there. So a cunning plan is a foot.

May is meant to be seeing the release of the second set for Destiny, with a one off reprint of the first set hitting June. But expect both to be cleared off the shelves by eager gamers quicker than a plague of locusts hitting a field of crops. Yes FFG have said that these print runs are going to be much larger than the initial one. But… we will see. I’m expecting things to be equally as crazy and hard to get.

I’m so so glad I decided to cave and get into this madness (where is that sarcasm font when you need it?)

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